Travel Shabbat Kit - Indigo Morning Glories
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This little box measures 4x3x1 inches - about the size of a cell phone.  But it holds everything you need to observe Shabbat away from home!

Included are the following: 2 tea-light candles, a box of matches, a small vial for 1/2 oz of wine, a Kiddush cup, a tiny spice bottle, a set of Havdalah candles, and a laminated card that has the Shabbat Blessings for candles and wine, on the reverse side, the Havdalah Blessings.  The prayers are in Hebrew and also transliterated.

This box will easily fit in a pocket or purse and would make a treasured gift for anyone in your life!  You might keep it for yourself, to celebrate Shabbat at home, too.  It doubles as an elegant match box.

  • Item #: TSK-010

Travel Shabbat Kit - Indigo Morning Glories

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